Terms and Conditions Work Permit Application Form

This Work Permit Application Form would be on the website during Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).  IJM Toll Division had confirmed notification with Company SOP to less contact with external parties to communicate with each other to avoid the spread of Covid-19.


Internal contractor appointed by the respective highway(BESRAYA, NPE, LEKAS) for highway maintenance works.


External contractor undertaking the works within the Right of Way (R.O.W) of the respective highway (BESRAYA, NPE, LEKAS).
You are to be guided by the following TERMS & CONDITIONS 
  1. This Work Permit is valid for the type of works as described in this form. For other types of work, separate applications must be made.
  2. This work permit is valid only for the date and time mentioned. For works outside the permitted date and time, separate application must be made.
  3. The application (s) shall comply to all traffic safety requirements as proposed in the drawings/sketch.
  4. Respective highway (BESRAYA, NPE, LEKAS) is to conduct site inspection before, during as and when required after the completion of the said works.
  5. You are to take all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent any form of environment pollution and safety & health incident. You are fully responsible and liable for any incident which we may so imposed should that need arises in the course of carrying out the said works.
  6. You are to comply with any other conditions which we may so imposed should that need arises in the course of carrying out the said works.
  7. Respective highway (BESRAYA, NPE, LEKAS) reserves the right to withdraw this work permit and order the termination of the said works at any time.
  8. A Deposit of RM1000.00 in Bank Draft or company’s cheque under selected highway is required. The original Work Permit shall be returned back within 1 week after the works completed. Failure which the deposit will be forfeited.
  9. The completed Work Permit Application Form needs to be submitted to us within 7 days prior work starts. You will receive a notification via email to inform whether your application has been approved or not.
Any change in contractors, third party must notify to respective highway (BESRAYA, NPE, LEKAS).
Any further inquiries, please contact
Besraya Office No : 03-9282 8382 / 1-800-88-0999 (24-hour Hotline)
NPE Office No : 03-7783 8800 / 1-300-88-1010 (24-hour Hotline)
LEKAS Office No : 03-8723 8021 / 1-800-888-021 (24-hour Hotline)

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Link to Work Permit Application Form – LEKAS : Click Here!